Fujairah International Airport is well known for its cargo handling capabilities and the state of the art facilities, which maximize efficiency and eliminate the margin of error in all delicate dealings involved in airport cargo operations.
The Emirate's modern deep-water port
The Emirate's modern deep-water port 5km away from Fujairah International Airport is the Emirate's modern deep-water port, which has been receiving a steadily increasing volume of transshipment of cargo, which come from the East and is bound for the West. The port has grown from a newcomer in container handling to become one of the region's busiest container transshipment centers. It handles more than half a million T.E.U. per year. Located outside the Strait of Hormuz and equipped with 6 ships to shore gantry cranes, it has become a "mother port" for the region.
Twin-port advantage positions
The full-fledged cargo complex at Fujairah International Airport, with its fully automated cargo handling system serves as a break bulk center and take in the input from the seaport and see it on board cargo flights. Under the aegis of a single custom authority, clearance and forwarding operations are expected to be smooth, attracting greater volumes and making Fujairah a hub in global movement. Another principal area of promise is the Emirate's Free Trade Zone, which has been established in the port vicinity and offers some of the most attractive schemes and concessionary terms. The FTZ is even generating a broader base of export cargo.
This twin-port advantage positions Fujairah as one of the leading gateways of the Gulf.
The Fujairah International Airport offers the following Cargo Facilities
  • Direct Loading (only known shippers, regular agents).
  • Computerized export and import documentation.
  • Weighing scale capacity is 100,000 kgs; trailers and trucks up to 100 tons can be weighed.
  • Freight forwarders and Charter agents operating from Fujairah International Airport can access their flight records through the Internet.
  • Automated cargo arrival intimation to consignees.
  • Efficient load build up for any type of Aircraft with experienced staff.
  • 24 hours acceptance, delivery and custom clearance available.
  • Cold storage for small shipments can be arranged on prior intimation.
  • Inter Airport transfers performed using roller bedded trailers.
  • Proximity with the Seaport enables us to handle SEA-AIR cargo more efficiently.