Fujairah International Airport is well known for elaborate and meticulous care in all its air cargo-related dealings. In this undertaking, the Airport follows strict procedures of import and export to maximize speed and efficiency and minimize risks and inconvenience.
For the Export of Freight out of Fujairah International Airport, the following procedure has to be followed by the Shipper
  • Fill in the Shipper's Letter of Instruction (This will be provided by the export office).
  • Complete the Customs formalities (either by himself OR through an authorized Freight-Forwarding / Clearing agent).
  • Provide a copy of the invoice to prove the cost of the material to the customs department.
  • The Air way bill will be with the Handling agent (either Fujairah International Airport or the authorized agent).
  • Please refer to the handling charges, storage charges etc.
Other Requirements
  • General Cargo Invoice, Packing List.
  • Perishable Cargo Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Valuable Cargo Invoice and Insurance policy if any.
  • Un accompanied baggage Passport Copy, declaration of value.
  • Gift articles Invoice, price list.
  • Human Remains Death Certificate, embalming certificate, police clearance, clearance from consulate/embassy, cancelled passport of the deceased. Local Police clearance, ticket details of accompanying person.
To Clear an Import Freight from Fujairah International Airport, the following procedure has to be followed
  • The consignee can custom clear the shipment himself or through an authorized agent.
  • Original invoice, packing list and the certificate of origin are required (for general cargo) by the customs department.
  • The following types of cargo cannot be accepted or custom cleared without special documentation.
    1. Arms and ammunition
    2. Radioactive materials
    3. Foodstuffs
    4. Live animals
    5. Plants and plant products
    6. Human remains