NAME : Mohamed Abdulla Sultan Al Salami
DESIGNATION : (Chairman, Department of Civil Aviation) Government of Fujairah.
Short Brief :

The son of Abdullah Sultan Alsalami, Mohammed Abdullah Sultan Alsalami was born on December 25, 1960, in Dibba, the United Arab Emirates. After completing his secondary education, he pursed further studies at Indiana State University, USA, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration in 1984.
Upon returning to the Emirates, Alsalami began his career as a government official. He was made Director of the Department of Industry and Economy from 1984-1986.

In 1986, he was appointed as Chairman of Fujairah Aviation Centre, Member of the Federal Council - United Arab Emirates and in addition, became the Vice-Chairman of Port of Fujairah and Fujairah National Group and Director of Al Fujairah Insurance Company. In 1987, he also became a Member of the Airports Council International - Asia region.
Since 1986, Alsalami is Chairman of Department of Civil Aviation, Government of Fujairah. In 1997, he became a Member of General Civil Aviation Authority.

ولد ابن عبد الله سلطان السلامي، محمد عبد الله سلطان السلامي في 25 ديسمبر 1960، في دبا، في الإمارات العربية المتحدة. بعد الانتهاء من دراسته الثانوية تابع المزيد من الدراسات في جامعة ولاية إنديانا، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، حيث حصل على درجة البكالوريوس في العلوم السياسية والإدارة العامة في عام 1984 لدى عودته إلى الإمارات، بدأ السلامي مسيرته المهنية كمسؤول حكومي. حيث جُعل مدير دائرة الصناعة والاقتصاد 1984-1986 في عام 1986، تم تعيينه رئيسا لمركز الطيران الفجيرة، عضو المجلس الاتحادي - دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة وبالإضافة إلى ذلك، أصبح نائب رئيس ميناء الفجيرة ومجموعة الفجيرة الوطنية ومدير شركة الفجيرة للتأمين. في عام 1987،أصبح عضوا في المجلس الدولي للمطارات - منطقة آسيا منذ عام 1986السلامي هو رئيس مجلس إدارة دائرة الطيران المدني في حكومة الفجيرة. وفي عام 1997، أصبح عضوا في الهيئة العامة للطيران المدني

NAME : Charles G Hajdu MBA MCMI MRAeS
DESIGNATION : Acting General Manager Manager (Strategy Business Development)
Short Brief :

Charles became the Acting General Manager of Fujairah International Airport in 2012. He leads a management team tasked with providing quality services, value for money and who are empowered to realize the vision for the airport through a particular focus on customer service and ongoing steady development.

Charles joined Fujairah International Airport's management team in 2008 as the Strategy and Business Development Manager following a 30 year career with BAE Systems and its predecessor company British Aerospace.

Trained as an Aeronautical Engineer, his first position was in the Initial Projects Department (1978-1988) moving to Operations Support where he supported the full range of British Aerospace civil aircraft division (1988-1997) during which time Charles enhanced a wide range of aviation management and director related experience, culminating with 11 years of international business and travel with British Aerospace Consultancy Services. Charles obtained his MBA from the Open University in 2003.

Charles' hobbies include flying light aircraft and playing football regularly as a devoted defender. He also likes repairing motorcycles and all things mechanical.

NAME : Ebraheim Y. Al Qallaf
DESIGNATION : Ground Services & Catering Manager
Short Brief :

Ebraheim Y. Alqallaf, the Ground Services Manager of Fujairah International Airport is responsible for Ground Handling Services for the airlines, whether it's domestic or international. His long association with aviation started soon after he graduated in Social Science from the UAE University in 1988. He joined Fujairah International Airport on 16 November 1988 as Passenger Service Agent.
Through hard work and Perseverance, he was then promoted to Asst. Ground Services Manager. On 01 March 1996 he became the Ground Services Manager. He has attended a number of short-term courses and workshops in the field of aviation and airport management, prominent amongst them are programmes on Airports C&G 728 Aviation Studies, Air Traffic Control, Principles of flights, Power of flights, The complete Aircraft, Aircraft Operations, Navigations & Radio, Aviation Weather in East Surrey College in 1990. He also attended the Dangerous Goods Regulations Acceptance & Awareness course in 1990, Cargo Security Course in 1999 and General Management in 1992. He pursued his academic career to obtain a Masters Degree in Executive MBA in Business Administration from University of Sharjah on 2007.
Ever since Fujairah International Airport became a member of the GASA, Mr. Alqallaf has been regularly representing Fujairah in GASA. He also is representing the airport in IGHC.

NAME : Youssef Balkis
DESIGNATION : Manager – Technical Services
Short Brief :

Youssef joined Fujairah Airport on 5th July 1987 as a telecommunications Engineer. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, he was promoted to Technical Services Manager in 1992.

Youssef is responsible for one of the largest departments in Fujairah Airport, including the following sections: Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS), Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Facility Maintenance, Line Maintenance, and Custodial Services. All infrastructure and technical developments at Fujairah International Airport come under Youssef's watchful eye.

Youssef's hobbies include being at the airport at all times day and night to make sure everything works at it should.

Through continuous invaluable performance, assistance, attended various conferences, seminars and loyalty to the Airport, he then promoted to Acting Technical Services Manager in the year 1992 then later in same year he became the Manager for Technical Services Department which compose of the following sections: Communication Navigation, Ground Support Equipment, Facility Maintenance, Line Maintenance and Custodial Section.Mr. Balkis showed to his staff that there will be no obstacles that their Department cannot hold if they will work together with cooperation and respect to each other.

NAME : Ansli Madrid
DESIGNATION : Manager – Safety & Quality
Short Brief :

Started out as an entrepreneur and then later became an Aviation enthusiast. He has an extensive background on Airport Safety and Quality specifically dealing with Airport Ground Operations and Airside Operations.

Also an ICAO instructor specializing in Aerodrome Operations and a proficient auditor rolled into one. 's watchful eye.

He is a dynamic package now currently looking after SMS and QMS of Fujairah Int’l Airport. A modest family man with a bachelor’s degree in the field of science

NAME : C Venkatavaradhan Kesavan
DESIGNATION : Manager – Finance
Short Brief :

C Venkatavaradhan Kesavan, 55 Years, Commerce Graduate from Madras University, Qualified Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant from India and having Professional experience around 23 years in Auditing, Costing, Accounting, Budgeting, Treasury and Banking and MIS. Main Experience exposure in Manufacturing , Trading and Service companies. Worked in India and also outside india (Uganda, Bahrain, Thailand and Tanzania).

Main Work experience from ACCL Group company of Ashok Leyland, TVS group, Nagarjuna Finance from Nagarjuna Group and Indian Immunologicals of NDDB Group and Polaris Financial Technology Limited.

Habbies : Reading books and watching TV Programmes. Sports interest : Indoor : Chess, Table Tennis and Carram Board ; Outdoor : Cricket and Shuttle Badminton

NAME : Esmaeil
Short Brief :

Esmaeil was raised among a family of aviation veterans and therefore was always fascinated of flying. After been graduated from Higher College of Technology on Electrical Engineering Technology, he joined FIA as an Air Traffic Controller in 2004 during a time when, Fujairah DCA declared its Vision of EMIRATISATION and development of locals for executive jobs. Esmaeil started his carrier under the Noble Vision of DCA and attended numerous trainings, workshops and seminars in different International and local Institutions approved by ICAO and GCAA. His curiosity to achieve knowledge and skill made him proficient and self-confident for the job and paved his way towards success. On 1st Jan 2017 he was promoted as Manager, ATS by His Excellency the Chairman of DCA for his extreme diligence at work and sincere commitment to the organization. .

Esmaeil also obtained his Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Frozen Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and continues his flying as a hobby. He also likes to play football and travel for leisure.

NAME : Chris Gale
DESIGNATION : Chief Fire Officer ;
Short Brief :

Chris joined the Fujairah Airport Fire Department on the 14th of August, 2016 as the Chief Fire Officer. He manages a department of 56 assigned personnel which includes operational, emergency medical services and communication section.

Chris has been involved in the fire and emergency services for 30 years internationally for civilian and military agencies. He was responsible for advising several international governments in establishing emergency services and aid in creating standards and practices based on international criteria. Through continued studies at University of Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute and Columbia Southern University, he brings diversified experience to build the fire department to higher recognition and capability.

Chris’ hobbies include devoted golf enthusiast, deep sea fisher and scuba diver.