At Fujairah International Airport, passenger service is priority. The airport has made elaborate arrangements to ensure that passengers find the start and the culmination of their journey utmost convenient and pleasant.
A traditional Arabian facade and cantilevered window arches characterize the main terminal building of Fujairah International Airport, with marble flooring and bright open spaces from the main entrance area.
Check-in Counters
Inside the modern terminal, there are several check-in counters at the departure side, each equipped with modern digital scales and a conveyor belt. Our courteous and experienced staff present a level of efficiency normally associated with long established airports.
Passport Control
Our passport control section has several counters to ensure speedy clearance of passengers. Maximum check-in time is five minutes.
Special Security Corridor
Another innovation is the special security corridor through which transit passenger can be screened without any fuss. Since security is top priority at the airport, the most modern security systems have been installed capable of even detecting plastic explosives.
Apart from the VIP and First Class lounges, there is a spacious departure hall, a restaurant and a Duty Free Shopping Complex, offering round-the-clock wide mix of merchandise, at prices competitive with other duty-free shops in the UAE.