The dominant presence of cutting edge innovation in technology on one end and skillfully experienced manpower on the other makes Fujairah International Airport's Terminal Services world class.
The Ideal Transit Point
From a flight of fancy to a living reality, UAE's fifth and only airport on the east coast became operational on October 29,1987 at Fujairah, reflecting the Emirate's growing importance as a center for aviation, commerce and tourism. Equipped with all that is best in modern aviation and air-cargo handling technology, the airport ensures quicker turnaround for airlines and optimum comfort for passengers. Strategically located, Fujairah International Airport is the ideal trading and transit point in the booming sea-air cargo business between East and West, with the Emirate's modern seaport in close proximity. With an Open-Skies Policy, highly competitive handling rates, low fuel prices, no-fuss customs and immigration, and more personalized and efficient service, Fujairah International Airport has added new dimensions to the UAE's aviation scene.
The Runway
Fujairah International Airport has been designed to handle all types of aircraft. It has a 45-metre wide, 3.75km long runway with three turning loops and taxiway conforming to LCN-100, the ICAO standard. Main approach is from over the ocean and employees category, which is the main one for landing aircraft and employs Category 1 ILS DVOR/ DME and NDB instruments for navigation. The approach from the landward side is runway-11. The airport is likewise equipped with Secondary Surveillance Radar for approach control, range 250 NM with a color raster display.
Aircraft Parking
There is ample parking on the apron for all sizes of aircraft at the same time. The two-storied terminal has separate entrances for departures and arrivals and there is an exclusive cargo terminal directly opposite with an access road of its own. As a freighter-friendly airport, we have all the necessary equipment and operational skills to handle all types of passenger and cargo aircraft.
Engineering and Airline maintenance support
Apart from the cargo terminal, there is engineering and airline maintenance support building, a light aircraft hangar, an aviation center and a complete ground services facility. The fuel stores, run by three companies: ADNOC, EPPCO and EMARAT offer 24-hour refueling services.
Fujairah Airport Rescue and Fire-fighting Service
Rescue and Fire-fighting Service is rated at category 9 with 10 on request and is a 24/7 operation. The Airport has 4 new Rosenbauer Major foam tenders, a mobile water tanker and a on site ambulance. The service is capable of a 2 minute response and crews are trained continuously in both practical & technical approved standards, ensuring a quick and highly skilled attendance at all emergencies.
World Class Facilities
  • Excellent First Class and VIP Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Modern Check-in Facilities
  • Efficient and personalized service for incoming, outgoing, and transit passengers.
  • Swift and streamlined customs and immigration screening procedures.
  • Sufficient Warehouse facilities
  • Highly qualified cargo professionals
  • Open Skies policy
  • Ideal location for long haul technical stops
  • Freighter friendly airport
  • Modern, sophisticated logistics hub
  • Competitive refueling services offered by multichoice providers
  • 24 hours service